boimel network

bear in mind that a lot of this projects started years ago with me having little to no coding experience and just trying out my possibilities. i lost every interest in cod4, but maybe there is somebody out there who can make use of my old files.

syncify 13.03.2015 discontinued github/oimel/syncify
league parser 20.01.2015 work in progress
neobazi 28.05.2014 finished
tvsct 21.01.2014 discontinued
mp_neobazi_aim 07.06.2013 finished download
keybinder 06.04.2013 finished
cod autoconnect 07.05.2012 finished download
baserace 16.01.2011 discontinued github/oimel/baserace
promod_gungame 29.12.2011 finished download
mp_cheops 16.09.2010 finished
promod_jumper 07.08.2010 finished download 20.07.2010 discontinued
mp_poolparty 30.04.2010 finished
mp_monkeys_home 12.03.2010 finished
cod4 skymod 04.09.2009 finished download